Murrieta: The City & Mayor Harry Ramos Slapped with Potential Million Dollar Lawsuit

Published on: Sep 24, 2015 @ 16:20

The Murrieta Mayor is Accused of Sexually Harassing Kathleen Smith at a Murrieta Chamber of Commerce Mixer in January

11800107_1608457386076010_6635720797197107284_nAn Attorney representing Kathleen Smith filed a lawsuit seeking monetary damages of at least $1 million against the City of Murrieta and its Mayor Harry Ramos. Smith claims that the Murrieta Mayor made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances, groped and eve tried to kiss her after she accepted his offer to walk her to her car.

A claim was filed with the city and it had 45 days to act on her claim clearing the way to a lawsuit. Her attorney Dan Gilleon filed the lawsuit when the City ignored Smith’s claim.

Mayor Harry Ramos denied sexually harassing Kathleen Smith at the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce Mixer in January.

“This never happened,” said Ramos. I would never embarrass myself, my family or my city by doing what she is alleging”. The Mayor is an ex-marine and is married with three children.

Photos by Charles McKee