Murrieta: City Releases an 81-Page Report Outlining Mayor Harry Ramos Inappropriate Behavior towards Women

 Published on: Oct 7, 2015 @ 17:19

The City of Murrieta released a 81-page report compiled by a private investigator outlining Murrieta Mayor Harry Ramos’s inappropriate Behavior towards women.

The report claims that the Murrieta Mayor made unwanted and inappropriate advances to women. It also stated that Ramos used his position as Mayor for personal gain and made improper comments to city staff.

Licensed Investigator Betty P. Kelepecz of Norman A. Traub Associates conducted the investigation.

Her conclusion states:
“The preponderance of the evidence showed that Ramos engaged in patterns of behavior and conduct including but not limited to, making inappropriate advances on women, making comments and statements that were shown to be dishonest, using his position as Mayor  for his personal gain, making objectionable comments to and about his colleagues and acting aggressively toward them and making inappropriate comments to City staff, all of which may represent violations of the City of Murrieta Code of Conduct.”

The report will be discussed at a Special City Council meeting tomorrow at 1 p.m.
Mayor Ramos continues to deny all allegations of wrong doing.
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