Murrieta: Man Who Killed Police Officer Wife Convicted of Second Degree Murder

Published on: Oct 7, 2015

Twenty-eight year old Freddy Perez Rodas, the Murrieta resident  who killed his wife, set the family house on fire to cover up evidence and then hid her body in a Moreno Valley storage unit has been acquitted of first-degree murder.

Jurors instead convicted the cop killer on a lesser murder charge.

Perez Rodas, was convicted of second-degree murder and arson in the murder of his wife Laura Perez who was a Police Officer for the City of Escondido.  The conviction had a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury with a firearm.  He can be sentenced fro 48 years to life.

The murder on July 23, 2014 resulted from an argument during a domestic dispute regarding a possible affair. A forensic pathologist testified that Perez shot his wife at very close range. One shot was to her back.

Sentencing is scheduled for December 4, 2014
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