Murrieta: Mayor Harry Ramos Removed from Office

Published on: Oct 8, 2015 

Councilman Randon Lane will Take Over as Interim Mayor

12108891_10206371775765079_1343761681369499015_nMurrieta has a new interim mayor. The City Council voted Thursday and removed Harry Ramos from office for allegedly violating the city of Murrieta’s Code of Conduct. Councilman Randon Lane was appointed to take over as the interim mayor.

The council based their decision to remove the mayor on an extensive 81 page report written by Betty Kelepecz, an investigator with Norman A. Traub Associates.

Her report said the Mayor Ramos allegedly committed several ethics violations, misused his authority and was involved in sexual harassment.

12079293_10206371775685077_1832373946145282666_nIt goes on to say that “The preponderance of the evidence showed that Ramos engaged in patterns of behavior and conduct including but not limited to, making inappropriate advances on women, making comments and statements that were shown to be dishonest, using his position as Mayor  for his personal gain, making objectionable comments to and about his colleagues and acting aggressively toward them and making inappropriate comments to City staff, all of which may represent violations of the City of Murrieta Code of Conduct.”

Ramos has continued to deny all allegations. He has however been uncooperative with Kelepecz’s 2-month long investigation. The investigator stated that the ex-mayor was asked several times to meet and give his side of the story but Ramos never had the time.

Photos by Scott Padgett